The year of 2020 vision

IMG_3158So this year so far. What are you feeling, sensing and seeing?

I’ve decided to get back to writing here. For myself firstly and if any of my meandering thoughts serve to move or inspire or amuse you that’s a bonus 💓

Ive been getting to the beach as much as possible this summer. Soaking in all the beauty that’s there, that’s a healing balm for all that hurts.

I got to hold my 4 year old granddaughter in the arms of Gaia after 4 months of separation. There were angel and dragon clouds in the sky watching us.

We missed all the spring celebrations this year. A year like none I’ve ever experienced before.

It’s been a period of deep learning and cleansing.

I’ve been practising the ways I listen. All these years since 2009, and especially since 2012, when so much changed for me have given me ways to cope and even to start to thrive. Thriving seems like a strange concept during this time but I’ve had glimmers of this peaceful place that’s accessible even during the most challenging times of my life.

I’ve decided to remove my attention as much as possible away from the media and all it’s chaotic confusion. It’s designed that way. To keep us confused, in fear and disempowered. In my neck of the woods you’d get whiplash on a daily basis with the up and down information of the totals of cases. Honestly every day it’s up and down and all around. Hard to discern any kind of truth in it all.

In the chaos though there is opportunity for deep and meaningful change. For all the systems that don’t support all of us. We all know that they haven’t been serving the people as they are supposed to. That they are paid to.

We’re now in the Lions gate portal that is like the galactic new year I just heard. It peaks on August 8 just in time to celebrate with my family my dad’s 89th birthday. I was able to see him away from his retirement home just last week for the first time in 5 months.

For however long it lasts I’ll be making him blueberry pancakes and chocolate anything and I’ll hug him to make up for those months apart.

I’m having these beautiful visions of the new earth on its way after this period of upheaval and cleansing of all that’s broken and done being useful for all of our evolution.

I’m breathing in the fresh air and oxygen of new life on its way

I’m strengthening my immune system within the biome of clear vision and inner knowing

I’m charging up my battery with play and even some joy

Making ready to come out of this with more information about who I really am and where I want to go

Wishing you all some peace in the chaos and knowing though we’re all in that chrysalis phase we’re all going to get through it better supported with ways to strengthen our resiliency and wisdom. Not easy and worth it.

Hope you all come out of this with wings irredescent with light and purpose 💗💗💗🦋




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