About Melissa

I see

Hello lovely,

So glad you’ve landed here! It lights me up to connect to wild hearted creatures like you who want to walk the path to a lush, lush life.

I believe in unlacing and loosening those tight collars and restrictions, in walking past that manicured lawn they told me I wanted.

I believe in following my muses beckoning finger to an unruly kind of aliveness.

I believe we can all touch the beauty surrounding us in the everyday and find the wild luminous in the seen and unseen. That we can breathe it in and suck its juice and nourish and heal our body and soul with it. In the sweet deep of us, in the ignited dreams we long for.

I hold my pen on the page to capture it, I lay my paint down adding layer upon layer to see what’s revealed. I celebrate it through moon cycles and the turnings of the year.

I am Melissa, honey bee, halloween scorpio baby.

You are so very welcome here, at my grandfathers picnic table under the stars, lit by the evening sky in my wild luminous tent. I’ve saved a place just for you, a soft place to land. I’d love to know all about you, about your kaleidoscope dreams and what you crave for your luscious, precious life.

Let’s dream while awake, let’s keep our feet in the mud, let’s hold wonder like a child with new eyes. Let’s see how much our expanded hearts can hold. I’m listening, I see you, I’m so happy you’re here.

2 thoughts on “About Melissa

  1. You have beckoned me in sweet one! I am tingling, excited for what’s next. I am grateful for our connection and looking forward to joining you in the coming days in your virtual gypsy tent. Reading your about me inspires me to continue to reconnect to myself. It is a deep, deep longing to feel fully in my purpose while in so many care giving roles at this stage of life. Love and gratitude to you sweet guide. You have stirred magic in my soul!

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    • Oh Michelle! You are so welcome to come land with me there. I want to hear all about your deepest dreams! I know how challenging it can be sometimes to connect to your longings and wishes when you have loved ones to care for. I am still in the thick of that at times. I know we can all make room for what wants to come, what we desire. I think it’s so true that what we’re looking for is also looking for us! It’s happening now for me in a big way. Thank you so much for your kind words. They make my heart sing! So happy to have met you and looking forward to sharing my virtual space with you. One day I think we’ll meet down in NOLA. I have always dreamed of going there. That would bring me such joy. I’m so excited for what’s coming. So happy you want to be a part of it all 😘😘


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