Giveaway winner! Yay! and New Moon blessing

Hello all my bright and beautiful ones,

shes the breath and the bones.

shes the breath and the bones.

It’s such an auspicious day for a giveaway! I’m so excited to pick one of you. I’m feeling really lucky to have you all in my life. Your words of encouragement keep me moving forward towards my big dreams one little step at a time.

Today it’s the new moon in Virgo and it was also a partial solar eclipse making the energy of this new moon even more potent. If you don’t already know new moons are times to make wishes or set intentions about what you’d like to bring forth into the world. For me this time it’s all about bringing intention to my work as a valid part of me. It’s taken me awhile to view it that way. I have always been Mom or daughter or whatever was expected of me from others first. Before I can hold this space for myself to grow into this soul work / business I need to intentionally work at it everyday. To say yes. In this way I let the Universe know I’m ready. Any time I have done this in the past it comes to meet me. The things that happen then are just what’s needed for me to move forward, so much more than I could dream of. It’s so much magic. So I’m dreaming it today, wondering and wandering today. I hope you’ll come wander with me here. I’m so lucky you came. I’ve been dreaming and scheming on how to get us all under that stardusted sky in my magical tent. Hope you stay tuned to how we might do that. What are your wishes on this new moon? For your messy, unruly, raw and  joyful, precious life. My wish is that your deepest dreams come true.

in my tangled garden

come to my table

And the winner is…..Mindy! I’m so excited to talk to you about what you would like, colours, stones. Many blessing to everyone who showed up here to my virtual wild luminous tent. You make this life of mine so much more bright and beautiful! Love and light to you all! xoxoxo