Your resplendant wild and wise self is calling you

wicked this way she comes

luminous and wild she comes

What calls to you my lovely wild and lush ones?

This time of year it’s everything mysterious and magical for me. My thoughts wander down twilight paths to meet my wild muses. They’ve been telling me to dive deep and to rest. Its been a momentous summer and early Fall. Brutally deep loss and joyful new life. All asking me how do I want to be alive. So I answer. I want to watch the wild moon wax and wane, I want to celebrate whenever I can. I want to make stuff lusciously festive! I want to hold my new grand baby Nora and know that my mom watches over both of us always. I want to feel it all. To grieve well and answer in delight when joy calls to me.

I was so happy to celebrate a midnight revel in my backyard again with my witchy friends. We all gathered around the fire and under the big maple tree at my grandfathers picnic table. Having them there, under the night sky, is the best kind of magic I could wish for. Their saying yes to my fantasy, make believe coming to life, is so much fun for me.


This year has been filled with growth and loss and beautiful gifts. I wanted to have an online gathering of kindreds this October, my first e-course, and life events kinda stalled that dream for me. I’m taking a bit of a time out, and while that felt disappointing, I knew that I could still have that magical gathering of women.

Come join us in the gypsy witch tent

Come join us in the wild luminous tent 

So here it is in all its glorious witchiness! I wrote a little poem about how this season of harvesting and releasing and diving deep feels for me. There is so much magic afoot. So much your wise and wild self wants to show you

the magic in you calls

the magic in you calls

Wicked this way she comes,

With cobalt and silver and black cat familiars,

Wild muse and enchanter, blues crooning romancer,

Rebel and upstart she’ll show you the way,

To luscious disarray, to unruled and unbound,

Offering wishes profound,

Lighting the way she comes.


gaze into your deepest dreams

feathered masks and fairy lights




Hope you all have the most festive and magical Halloween! May you be blessed with Love and Light on all your journeys and wanderings through this wild luminous life. xoxoxo